Friday, 2 November 2018

This is Me - Week One, Day Two: Your Script

Carried over from the Dream Create Journal blog.

Okay so yesterday may have stung a little, but it is crucial we put our finger on the thinking that holds us back! Now for the good stuff!!!

Starting a completely fresh page, look at each sentence you wrote yesterday on your list and write a new, more empowering belief. Be as imaginative and open as possible. Think in terms of if anything were possible. 

For example:

Money - I can do what I love and have financial freedom

It may be vague, but that's okay! Remember, we're starting small and this could be a BIG leap for many of you. Also, the interweb is your friend. Look for examples online. Especially Pinterest. 

Do this to all the topics on your list. Notice the unbelieving thoughts that come to mind. We're going to develop a new habit to quieten those down and replace them with empowering ones. 

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