Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Junk Journal Process Video

I hope you enjoy this video process of a junk journal spread I created. This is an unlocked video from my Patreon where I feature content such as:
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Dream Create Journaling Challenge


2. Set Your Intentions
3. Create Your Vision
4. Equip Yourself
5. Positive Self Talk
6. Plan Your Peace
7. Be Yourself - What makes you unique? Journal about your quirks or interests that others may find weird.
8. Get Outside - Go for a walk , whether it's town or country, and pay attention to details. Take one photo & journal about it.
9. Distractions - Good or bad, has anything been distracting you? How can you change this?
10. Serendipity - Be aware of serendipitous moments and begin keeping a log of them in your journal.
11. Artists Date - Schedule in & Take yourself on a date to a place you love or one that inspires you.  
12. Celebrate The Wins - Journal about a recent win. Big or small a win is a win!
13. Printable Quote:

14. Role Models - Reflect on people who inspire you. What is it about them that you find inspiring?
15. Believe Big! - Journal about what hinders you to REALLY believe the seemingly impossible. How could you change that?
16. Story - Find a true story of the seemingly impossible. Read/watch it and journal your response.
17. Book - Buy a book on your chosen topic.
18. Amulet - Find a stone and speak over it your biggest dream. Carry it around with you as a reminder.
19. Your Why - What gives your life purpose?
20. Spirituality - Do you have a faith? If yes, journal how this helps you. If not have you ever considered exploring any?
21. Pay Attention - What in day to day life do you give your attention to the most? Does this help or hinder?
22. Re-Vision - Go back to your vision board. Has anything manifested from it yet or is there anything you'd like to add/change?
23. Ritual - Can you change up your daily routine to include ritual? What would your ritual look like? Get creative.
24. Personal Mythology - We all have one. Journal your ideal life story. Be as wild as your imagination will allow.
25. Power of Yes - What life changing yes can you make, as scary as it may be? Journal about it.
26. Power of No - Are there any no's you need to start making? For example, toxic friendships? Journal about it.
27. Release & Forgive - What hurts or burdens do you need to release? Journal about them and decide to forgive that person/people or yourself. 
28. Be The Change - In light of your dream, how could you use it to make the world a better place?
29. Reflection - Read through your journal entries and reflect on any changes that have happened since the beginning of the challenge.
30. Recommit - Decide whether you wish to carry on pursuing your dream or whether you wish to change it. Write out a declaration of commitment and new vision statement.

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