Wednesday, 28 February 2018

My March Magic Journey

It seems that we have to fight damn hard for the things we want in life. The temptation to give up is strong. That or withdraw into a form of escapism for a while until we either recover or feel strong enough to try again. Many choose to just give up because the fight is just too hard. They then join in the flow of the mundane of every day at the mercy of it's tides and currents. 

I've come to a point in life where I believe it's perhaps not so much fighting against something as it is about unlearning what we have been taught growing up and accepted as truth. This unlearning is a battle. It can be isolating and a lonely path to walk on. But in the unlearning there is also the learning of something pretty amazing. We're not exchanging one prison of thought for another. This is about freedom. About becoming not who the world wants you to be but who you were born to be. The problem is, from the moment of your birth, the world has had it's own plans for you. What those caring for you thought was best was, in most cases, just debilitating and stunting your growth into being the best possible version of yourself. 

For example, "You need to stay in school, get a good education and if you do those things you will get a good job." Without getting into a debate, the school system is a model that convinces people that only certain topics matter and doesn't nurture their natural gifting. It's basically trying to produce sheep. 

Then there's the age old nurturing your child on fairy tales and father Christmas, only to one day break it to them that that period of life is over and they must now come to what is called reality, a totally new and horrible concept for them having been brought up with the idea that anything is possible and imagination is your super power! Toys must now be put away and work begins. I fought hard to keep my dreams but I was soon bullied out of that with the added horror of watching my most treasured possessions being thrown out.

So I've been on this journey of unlearning and becoming now for a few years. About five now to be exact. Before that I did what everyone else wanted me to do. I was being who they wanted me to be. It has been one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life! 

Back in February, after seeing no progress, not even a hint, of my dreams coming to fruition, an idea came to me like a bolt out of the blue. I put pen to paper and started writing and writing and writing....until March Magic was born. I knew it was to share but I also knew it was for me. March Magic was a way for me to hold my focus everyday and not get distracted by the hardship of becoming. That transition takes time and I feel if we're not careful it also takes our focus off pursuing our dreams. The L.I.F.E course on Dream Create Journal is about becoming. March Magic is about focusing on our dreams, like a magnifying glass steadily focusing a beam of light, until something happens. 

So the first couple of days were good. They were great in fact! Magical moments happened. Ones that meant something for me personally. But then at the end of day three I felt as if I'd pissed off whoever it is that doesn't like the idea of us owning our power. Things started happening that normally triggers me into retreating. Actually, one night I did, only to wake up about 3am thinking what am I doing? And then deciding to fight back. 

A new kind of strength from within appeared. It was so small I wouldn't blame anyone for missing it. But I felt it. I told myself no matter what, I will fight for the right to be myself. 

When I wrote that I had had enough. When things come against you it is sign you're on the right track. If you keep retreating however and not learning from it or applying what you learn and face your fears, you will find yourself constantly facing this same battle. I am so familiar with it now I recognize it for what it is and know now I have to push through and stop retreating or it will repeat itself over and over again. 

I'm writing this on day 6 feeling a bit bruised but yet also feeling sense of achievement. So I took my own advice and got myself some flowers!

I'll be sure to keep updating you with my progress and check in with you all to hear about yours! 

Below is a short intro video to March Magic.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Happy Mail Planner

As soon as I saw this month's kit I knew what I wanted to make with it. My old happy mail planner wasn't really serving me anymore. I wanted something that was a joy to come to and made planning my happy mail a happy experience! With so much in these kits it's not hard to make them go a long way! 

I began by making the essentials...the pages themselves which I needed to track my mail and record my penpals. For this I used watercolours, a micron pen, the stamp and stencil from the kit. Once I was happy with the master pages, I scanned and printed them. 

Next I moved onto the dashboards. I wanted something bold, so choose the bright patterned papers from the kit, decorating them using the stickers and embellishment card.

Now, if you are a subscriber, you will have noticed the small pack of beautiful sequins in the box. How could I not make a shaker dashboard. The problem is, my sewing machine really doesn't like making them anymore. So I got some thinner acetate and pushed my luck! It worked out...just!

Next I made a bookmark using the love heart embellishment to create a top tab.

I then added the envelope as a place I could keep stamps.

Using the twine, I created a very simple closure for the planner itself, decorating it with the charm. Both included in the kit.

I now have a beautiful, fully functional planner for my happy mail! I'm so pleased with how this turned out and cannot wait to start using it! Check out the bottom of this post for a flip through video!

Monday, 19 February 2018

Circumstances Creating Metamorphosis

Okay, I'm going to try and put into words something that I have recently experienced. 

When you're forced to endure uncomfortable or trying situations, a couple of things happen...

You react & hide...


You react, hide then change.

Generally, you react. You're still practicing positivity to the best of your ability and knowledge, but the ego, that part of you that reacts, still has more ground than your true self. There's a lot of kicking and screaming in the form of moaning and complaining (and actual screaming) until you're exhausted. Then, a small voice says 'You done now?' And you say 'No!' and go and find something to numb the pain. For example..
  • Binge watch TV
  • Drink
  • Loose yourself in a book
  • Go online etc
Not one of those things are bad at all. It's your motives for doing them. Most people love a good book or movie. But when you run to them to escape a situation again and again, it becomes unhelpful to you and to changing your situation.

Then there is personal change. 

When you do all of the above, once you've exhausted yourself & through lack of energy to fight, practiced a form of escapism, but discovered you feel worse and things aren't improving, you come into a space.

Okay, so what the heck do I mean by "a space?"

Right, well, it's like an instinctive place of being in between who you were, and who you are becoming. It's not a big space.

The best way I can describe it is by using the word 


 The voice of intuition becomes stronger. There's a knowing that you no longer react the way you did before or hide. You let go of things that are not good for you. I can see this change in the way I express myself through art. New ideas come. 

It feels like a big storm came ripping through and removed old, dead branches, weak structures and left only what is needed to build on.

This new landscape causes you to see things in a new perspective. Old structures you thought were pertinent to life have gone and you see they only hindered you. Pathways that you thought you had to take to get somewhere are pulled up and you see countless options and new destinations.

And then there is the matter of your new wings!

A strength has risen up in you. You are reconnecting to something very old yet new to you. It's a strength that brings ancient wisdom. You become both your true self yet also open doors within to receive via intuition the truth of others. Truths you perhaps read before but didn't see or fully understand. Now, they burst wide open. 

This is then expressed. Slowly at first as you learn to use those wings. But still, there is now the butterfly effect.

The morning of the day that I am writing this, I woke up, still half asleep, to these words...

What you do effects others. The way you express yourself is an energy you use which vibrates out like a ripple effect, touching the lives of people around the world. This is the same for everyone. 

This can be done in complete ignorance and chaos, evil & hatred. Or in knowing and creative intent, goodness & love. By being carried along with the wind or navigating the way of your dreams.

So for me, I guess I'm just making my way out of this space. 

Friday, 16 February 2018

Pipsticks Sticker Club!

If you were an 80's child like me, you will know how much of a big deal stickers were to us as kids. I still remember the smell, the swapsies, and bubblegum!

So imagine my joy when Pipsticks asked if I could review their stickers. 

When they arrived, I sensed, once again, that old yet distant feeling I had as a child when I got a pack of new stickers. The joy the bright colours brought. Then to find a newsletter, just like the ones we used to get. Only this was made by adults for adults! Actually there is a kids subscription too!

If that wasn't enough, there's a competition which you're automatically entered in upon receiving a ticket stub with your stickers!

So go check out my full on geek moment as I open this pack of juicy colourful goodness! You can find out more info on Pipsticks HERE.

Monday, 12 February 2018

In My Creative Planner - With Video

At Christmas I was gifted this small planner. It's only a cheap one from somewhere like Poundworld. As I already had a planner I thought I'd get creative with this one and see how far it's boundaries lay in regards to what mediums I could use. Turns out they stretched pretty far!

Using Dylusions Ink spray...

Using Liquitex Acrylic Ink...

Using Brusho...

This absolutely proves that you should always experiment in art and to always think outside the box. It also proves that it doesn't have to break the bank!

Here is a flip through and process video showing you how I get the effects on my pages. Enjoy!


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