Tuesday, 31 December 2019

My Phrase of The Year - Year of Wonders

There comes a time when you just have to go against the norm and embrace the unknown in order to see your dreams come true. It means a great deal of discomfort, but when you know what that discomfort is about and that it is nothing bad, then it becomes bearable. 

This year brought a lot of change for me. I learned to start saying no and even though it cost me relationships, it brought new ones. Ones that lined up with where I want to go and my truth.

In 2018 many of the things I was believing for, big things, came to pass. I was thrust into this open space for my soul to breath and opportunities came flooding in. Within a year I experienced even more of my dreams come to pass.

Yet I found that the lack of pressure from difficult circumstances made me idle when it came to dreaming even bigger. 

I settled.

As soon as I became aware of this and started to really think about what was next for me, I knew it had to do with my truth. This is when I started to set boundaries and use the word "no" in order to strive to live my truth.

Possibilities & Wonders

It soon became clear that my truth involved something far bigger than I had anticipated. That I would have to move outside the comforts of the proverbial box to a place so vast it would require a decision to much like Neo's in the movie The Matrix. Sounds corny, but for those who have been there, you know what I'm talking about and appreciate the analogy.

There is no going back.

So I made the decision to leave the box. 

Now I'm in unknown territory. But this is a very good place to be because this is where the field of potentiality is. A place where anything is possible.

At this rate you may wonder what the hell I'm talking about. But stay with me. 

When you're in the unknown you are in a place of searching and finding your way. This is crucial to living your truth. In the words of Nancy Hillis, the unknown is "alive and mysterious". It's a place of growth. 

You see the system we live by today pretty much controls how we live and think. How we do things. It leaves no space for miracles, possibilities or wonders. It cultivates a certain pessimistic outlook.  

But when we embrace the idea of a new reality, one in which your wildest dreams are possible, you go against the majority and many will not understand. Yet some will be inspired and encouraged to follow. 

And this is how my phrase for the year was born. Actually, that's not strictly true. My phrase came about in a serendipitous way. I was set on the word "Wonders", anticipating 2020 and beyond being a time of wonders coming to pass in my life. But one day I was in a charity shop looking at books when one caught my eye. The author had the same name as me and I saw the word Wonders. So I pulled it off the shelf to take a look. My heart leaped at what I saw.

There and then I knew 2020, and beyond, would be my year of Wonders. So I took a phrase for my "word of the year". 

Join Me!

Now I plan to share my journey. Here on my blog and other social media platforms. Even more intimately however, on my Patreon where I will create content to help you cultivate a life of wonder and possibilities.

So what is your word for 2020? Do you have any goals or dreams you would like to see come to fruition? Do you wish to dream even bigger but never thought it possible? Let me know in the comments below! 

Here's to a magical new year filled with wonders! 

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