Thursday, 1 August 2019

Day One - Gathering

A short disclaimer before we begin: This is not like any other journaling challenge you may be used to. In fact, I'd rather not call it a challenge. Maybe we should call it a project? Yes, there will be prompts each day BUT,you are not required to do them every day or in order. The prompts are merely guides and reminders. Or points of inspiration if you will. 

Day One - Gathering Materials

You will need to choose a goal or dream. Please choose something that inspires you and is not too overwhelming. Maybe let this be a time to pick something out of the box, or something that requires a stretch of the imagination. 

I have a goal to research and visit places of ancient and spiritual interest in my local area. While also the beauty of nature surrounding them & nature journaling. Where I live is crammed with such places! These will be turned into videos and uploaded online.


Next, get yourself a journal. One that inspires you or one where you're not afraid to start filling. In our journals we will be recording explorations, the prompts, research, findings, and so much more. Well, as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. 

You will also need your planner. Look through the month of August and begin to slot in time for this project/challenge. Also, pick one day to spend on yourself. This is to take yourself out on an artists date. That prompt will be day 11, but I'm giving you a heads up now so that you can schedule it in. Again, it doesn't have to be this month, but it will be more profitable to you if you do. 


Finally, be open minded with a heart of childlike wonder. Expect the unexpected. Bring your faith into this. Tomorrow, once you have your goal or dream, we will be talking about intentions and start documenting in our journals. 

There is also a Dream Create Journal Pinterest Board for inspiration. If you would like to be added to it in order to pin anything on there that you think will inspire others, do let me know here or in the group. The board can be found HERE.  

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