Sunday, 9 September 2018

The 12th House: Full Circle - The New Moon In Virgo

With the new moon in my 12th house, this coming month is all about releasing the old to create space for the new. It's about the completion of a full cycle...something I didn't even realise until yesterday and yet it couldn't be more timely! 

This is why I love how the moon acts as a calendar in my life!

Next month is all about new beginnings so I need to prepare for them! The Dream Create Journal challenge 'Seeking In September' is really helping to me achieve this. 

My book has evolved into books, and I've found wisdom coming to me, without even looking for it, that will help form the foundation of a new healthier, balanced and whole life. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited this makes me feel.

There are some challenges though. 

Letting go.

Letting go not only of things, memories, or the past. But of expectations of being the perfect mum. My eldest daughter is now a fully fledged teenager but she is extremely independent and has been since birth! I've found that I have to take a step back and take my hands off the reigns and allow her to grow. It breaks my heart but it's one of those things I think all parents have to go through. Especially with the fiery independent child! The new found wisdom I'm gleaning will definitely help towards doing this in the best way possible.


Another book I'm reading is Glow15. 

The 15 stands for a 15 day kick start to a new healthy lifestyle. I knew, that if could break down this new health regime to a kickstart and give 15 days to it, I stand a better chance of sticking to it because I'm a stickler for not wanting to ruin something I've worked hard to achieve.

I hope that by the time of the next new moon I will have read, fully prepared or even started this new health regime. If anyone one is interested, I'll do a book review of Glow15 here on my blog. 

Craft Cabin

Another thing that couldn't have happened at a more perfect time is getting my own space to start creating in. At the time of writing this space should be complete within the week. I have some painting, which is the time consuming bit, left to finish. Next it's just a question of moving my crafty things in and we're good to go! Check out the video above for part one of the progress!

So where is everyone else this month? Remember to never give up on your dreams if you're still waiting. And for those who have seen theirs come to pass, don't stop reaching for more and expanding.

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  1. Still trying to move past survival mode. 1 step forward 3 backwards for me. But on those days a forward step is taken, I am so grateful.


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