Monday, 3 September 2018

My Journey To A Magical Life - The Key! Part Four

Continued from part three.

This was when signs intensified. I was reading a book that was recommended to me. It was all about a woman's search for faeries. For enchantment in a modern world.

 (I know, I know, but you've come this far with me you might as well stay to the end!) 

Anyway, I'm not talking about the cute Disney cartoon type but a real investigation into all the stories of what some call 'The good folk'. The authors story was not only a real eye opener for me, but I felt relief knowing there were "normal" women, my age, actively on the search for that something more. 

Once I had read that book, I had a new awareness and respect. An awareness that maybe there is, as Brian Froud mentions in an interview with the books author, another world/dimension which we once could see but now lost sight of. And a respect that, if this really is the case, I need to pay more attention. 

An affirmation taken from a book I had been repeating for a couple of years now includes the words "The world of the wondrous." It's a nod to the fact that people's inner child still believes that something wonderous, beyond their imagination, can happen.

I had always felt everything in nature is not only alive, but speaks and communicates. A skill we have lost over time, yet one which can easily be cultivated once again. For example, the wind often "spoke" to me. I would feel it beckoning me to listen and pay attention (to what, I don't know). However, because I didn't realise that was what it was saying, I felt restless and agitated at those times. Like I was supposed to do something but I wasn't sure what. It was only later that I knew it was an invitation to listen and pay attention. And again, serendipitously, as I write this I come across another lady who knows the feeling. She describes it as;

The winds restless chant.

So as things with my situation intensified, I held the thought that I was standing on the verge of a fantastic new, yet ancient, discovery. Some of it I saw, literally, as a child. But again, that's another story. 

In a whirlwind of change we found a house. It was perfect. There and then we said we wanted to proceed with our application for it. For a whole week we were left wondering if we got it. I couldn't bear it. We were so close.

One day, still waiting, I went into the back garden to place some incense to mask the smell of weed that consumed the area. Thinking about the book I had read, and of the possibility of an unseen world, or rather a world hidden to us, I looked at the Hawthorn tree. Known as the tree of fairies. At a time when neighbours were felling trees, as if they were allergic to nature itself, I put up fences around the Hawthorn to protect it. It was right on the garden boundaries and if I didn't do something, it would also soon become the victim of the neighbours abhorrence to nature.

So for years there it remained. Thinking of it's symbolic attribute to fairies, I smiled, connected to my inner child and with a tentative nod to the thought there may be more than meets the eye, I went and placed a incense stick by the tree. 

That's when I saw it.

A key.

An old key, embedded, but not buried, in the mud. 

You have to know, I had been mowing our lawn for weeks consistently and never once saw this key. I knew it wasn't just a coincidence.

I ponder on what it could mean. Then a thought dropped in my head. The key to the house was finally given to us. As if it had been held onto, by an unseen being, preventing us from leaving. This house, this prison that had held me for so many years, could hold me no longer. I was now free to leave.

Two days later, we received the news that our application was successful and we could move in immediately. I felt no sentimentality for the old house. Everything of importance I carried with me in my heart.

This is where all my faith, positive thinking, affirming, all that work, began to yield its fruit! 

Final post coming soon...


  1. I have felt like this all my life, a connection to something more. Because of this many people tell me to grow up, that I neef to act like an adult or that I am childish. I no longer care...I am happiest listening to the wind talk through the trees. Feeling rain or sun on my face. Swinging and blowing bubbles gives me real honest joy. I believe in everything you have said, there are others too so know you are not alone or weird or different.

    1. Thank you so much Ashlee! So glad there are more like me! Lol, we're not alone. Thank you for taking the time to comment as well. It means a lot. xx

  2. Hi Geraldine just catching up on your blog and looking for inspiration for a Bee happy card for a friend i was drawn to this post. I completely agree with everything you have written and as a child felt the very same feelings also as i used to work at school and windy days spelt wild happy dancing children wild happy and free, as the fairies spoke to them. XXX


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