Monday, 2 April 2018

Finding The Magic In Art Again

Art. It was never known as that as a child. It was called having fun! When you get older, the same feeling is there to have fun and create, but when we call it art we freeze. The process can suddenly be full of pressure... 

The pressure to be perfect and please others.

Because I am entering that stage in my life where I want to be me and stop being that person who constantly worries what others think, I decided it would only be fitting to apply the same principle in my art. 

I am going to allow myself the space each day to have fun and put whatever I want on the page. No end in sight. No pressure to even call it art. Just create. And, as part of the 100 day project, I'm going to do this every day for 100 days and post them, unashamedly, on my Instagram account.

My hope is that I can create a safe space for others to do the same. I'm talking scribbles, splodges of paint, collaged sweet wrappers, an inky mess.... Anything goes! It doesn't even have to be confined to a journal everyday. 

That's when I anticipate the magic to happen. That along the way I will discover hidden gems. Develop, by chance, new skills. 

I will be using the hashtag #artlikeachild because that encompasses everything. So be sure to use that if you want to join in with me.

For more info on The 100 Day Project, click HERE.

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