Saturday, 10 March 2018

My March Magic Journey - Week Two

Since my last post quite a lot has happened. For a couple of days there was a lull. Journaling was going well and I was loving the fact I had something different to focus on each day. By doing just a little each day and being forced to bring to mind my dreams because of each days prompts, I felt a shift happening.

On Monday, I faced a fear I've had for a long time. This particular fear is rooted in my upbringing and has to do with fear of getting things wrong, or in trouble. Really, there was no chance of that and I was projecting my mind into a imaginary future situation thus creating fear. So, I took the leap and faced it.

Since that day, I felt a block clear and feel very strongly that I'm in this new state of allowing. The door is now open for new opportunities to flood in.

The next day, as I scanned through houses online as part of that days prompt, I knew I had to look for the house that matches my ideal, and not for THE house. This meant no max price and widening my search area. Within minutes a house popped up that evoked exactly the same feeling of a picture I have on my vision board Of a room in a house that captured the essence of what I wanted. Not only did this house evoke the same feeling but it looked very similar down to items in the room. It was really bizarre how similar they were. It didn't stop there. 

This property also had features that I had been visualizing! The miracle of it all is that out of all the houses I've looked at, this is the first time this has happened. I've been looking for years! Certain properties have appealed in the past, but they haven't matched ones I've visualized as my ideal place. 

I've learned that first we need to dream up our perfect home. Establish it first in the mind. Then a property like it will appear.

So the next miracle is receiving the house. I'm not saying it'll be that exact one. It is a sign though. Before we receive, signs show up. I believe this is one of them. 

Today, It works out that I have a couple of powerful things to do that reinforce the idea of receiving. On top of that, the whole of March Magic feels more empowering seeing what everyone else is doing, how inspiring they are, and the encouragement everyone is giving to each other.

At the time of writing, my seedling sprouted today. May that be a another sign!!! EDIT: At time of posting, a second seed has sprouted!

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