Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Vintage Bright - A New Collection by Geraldine Jayne


The Vision

Some years ago now I had an idea to fuse both vintage and modern brights to create a collection of beautiful handmade products. I fell in love with colourful vintage fabrics, soft lace, vintage crochet/embroidery, brooches, and bright modern colours. By blending all these together I would be combining old and new to create unique pieces. The vision became a solid plan, labels were ordered, but I had to put it on the back burner.

Fast forward to today and the time came to revive the dream. When I first had the vision, I hadn't heard of Travelers Notebooks. So today, these were added to my list of things to create.

Each product idea can start with something simple as being inspired by a scrap of fabric, or old brooch. Some ideas are built on a vision board, like this one for my pocket TN.

By rescuing pre-loved, unused fabrics, beads etc, I would be creating a much more ecological friendly business, while at the same time breathing new life into everything I reclaim. 

The Range

The range will consist of unique, one of a kind fabric TN's (or fauxdori's), Beaded bookmarks, junk journals, TN/planner covers and bags. 

Some fabric TN's will be embellished with various trimming, charms, brooches or embroidery. I have lots of ideas for them but as is always the case these things take time to make. They are unique works of art and as a result one of a kind. 

You can also buy beaded bookmarks, a combination of modern and reclaimed beads, to coordinate with your TN.

There will be beautiful junk journals, made how I have always wanted my own journals to be. These will be added in time over the next few weeks, as will more products, such as the covers and bags.

You can visit my shop now over at geraldinejayne.com but it won't be launching properly until 7 pm gmt October 1st

If you are a patron of my Patreon, you get your very own discount code to use in store. 

Thank you so much for stopping by! 

GJ Xx 

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