Sunday, 11 November 2018

This is Me - Day Eleven: Choices

Very often, we make choices by default, based on our core beliefs and values. Having looked at our limiting beliefs that form our core beliefs, it's times to start making more mindful choices. This is very much like exercising, but for the brain.

We become so accustomed to default decisions, that it takes effort to start exercising new thoughts and applying them to our choices. 

It's also a lifelong commitment.

  • This week, pick a subject you would like to focus on. Note this in your journal. For example, you could choose 'Money'.

  • List a set of intentions to do with your chosen topic. Not too many so as to overwhelm yourself. Two or three will do.

  • List as many empowering affirmations as you want. Tomorrow will be a craft tutorial on creating portable affirmations.

  • Every day this week, document how you applied your new, positive choices and what happened as a result.

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