Monday, 1 January 2018

What Is Magic? Part One

You need to become aware of the magic that surrounds you: magic that is life, magic that is God, magic that is in the green trees and the red flowers, magic that is in people’s eyes. Magic is happening everywhere! All is miraculous...And then creativity will come to you, things will start happening on their own. Your heart will start pouring songs of joy, your hands will start transforming things. You will touch mud and it will become a lotus. You will be able to become an alchemist. But it is possible only through great awakening of intelligence, great awakening of the heart. - OSHO
Ever since I can remember I have had a fascination for all things magical, other-worldly, and spiritual. I've always believed there is more than what our eyes perceive. As a child we are encouraged in these things by way of using our imagination.

But somewhere, between childhood and adulthood, we are then told to stop with such nonsense. Ironically, the word nonsense basically means 'no sense' and therefore what our senses cannot perceive must then be attributed as false and therefore unbelievable. We are encouraged in one world then told that we can no longer remain there and must abide by the rules of the adult world. The story of Peter pan comes to mind here and I can understand why J.M.Barrie wrote that story.

For a long long time the child within held all things magical in her heart searching for ways to express it in the world of adulthood. The only ways I saw it being expressed though were in story, whether that of books or movies. But my desire was to see how magic, the very thing we were taught and encouraged in, could be lived out and transform not only our lives, but the world. 

Magic, the word itself, for centuries has been mostly ascribed to witches. Even mentioning that word today brings to mind, for some, witchcraft. But that's not the meaning I'm implying when I use that word. When I use it, I'm talking about the things that make no sense to the world we know today. Today, people are disillusioned. As a result, they are anxious, negative, pessimistic and expect the worst. For example, the phone rings and immediately they think its a cold call. Or a letter comes through the door and it must be a bill. 

Magic is about awe, wonder, excitement, anticipation, belief in something amazing happening, adventure and so on. Magic is making things happen. You may have heard the quote;
Make your own magic.
 That is something we learned as children but must be applied again as adults. Children always make the most out of a bad situation, especially with friends. Children forgive easily and quickly. Children's imagination knows no bounds. These are merely foundations to making your own magic but they are things we need to re-learn. And before we can even do that we must unlearn a bunch of crap we've been taught to believe to replace all that in order to survive in this world. 

I don't want to pretend to be someone I'm not in order to please others. I want embrace all of life and invite miracles into my life. As the quote at the start says;
All is miraculous...And then creativity will come to you, things will start happening on their own.
My goal is to come to that point where magic happens...'as you seek you will find'. Where things start to happen as if on their own. That is magic! 


  1. This is fantastic Geraldine i have been brought up with negativity my parents well especially my dad is still the same ive always thought there is something else magically happening in the world inside each and everyone one of us Thank you GeraldineXxx


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