Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Junk Journal Process Video

I hope you enjoy this video process of a junk journal spread I created. This is an unlocked video from my Patreon where I feature content such as:
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Dream Create Journaling Challenge


2. Set Your Intentions
3. Create Your Vision
4. Equip Yourself
5. Positive Self Talk
6. Plan Your Peace
7. Be Yourself - What makes you unique? Journal about your quirks or interests that others may find weird.
8. Get Outside - Go for a walk , whether it's town or country, and pay attention to details. Take one photo & journal about it.
9. Distractions - Good or bad, has anything been distracting you? How can you change this?
10. Serendipity - Be aware of serendipitous moments and begin keeping a log of them in your journal.
11. Artists Date - Schedule in & Take yourself on a date to a place you love or one that inspires you.  
12. Celebrate The Wins - Journal about a recent win. Big or small a win is a win!
13. Printable Quote:

14. Role Models - Reflect on people who inspire you. What is it about them that you find inspiring?
15. Believe Big! - Journal about what hinders you to REALLY believe the seemingly impossible. How could you change that?
16. Story - Find a true story of the seemingly impossible. Read/watch it and journal your response.
17. Book - Buy a book on your chosen topic.
18. Amulet - Find a stone and speak over it your biggest dream. Carry it around with you as a reminder.
19. Your Why - What gives your life purpose?
20. Spirituality - Do you have a faith? If yes, journal how this helps you. If not have you ever considered exploring any?
21. Pay Attention - What in day to day life do you give your attention to the most? Does this help or hinder?
22. Re-Vision - Go back to your vision board. Has anything manifested from it yet or is there anything you'd like to add/change?
23. Ritual - Can you change up your daily routine to include ritual? What would your ritual look like? Get creative.
24. Personal Mythology - We all have one. Journal your ideal life story. Be as wild as your imagination will allow.
25. Power of Yes - What life changing yes can you make, as scary as it may be? Journal about it.
26. Power of No - Are there any no's you need to start making? For example, toxic friendships? Journal about it.
27. Release & Forgive - What hurts or burdens do you need to release? Journal about them and decide to forgive that person/people or yourself. 
28. Be The Change - In light of your dream, how could you use it to make the world a better place?
29. Reflection - Read through your journal entries and reflect on any changes that have happened since the beginning of the challenge.
30. Recommit - Decide whether you wish to carry on pursuing your dream or whether you wish to change it. Write out a declaration of commitment and new vision statement.

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Day Six - Plan Your Peace

Are there any changes you could make to your schedule for at least a solid month, in order to pursue your goal or dream? Brainstorm in your journal about this.

A very good planning workshop is Ali Brown's Plan Your Peace. I highly recommend this workshop as it's jam packed with valuable tools and priceless knowledge. 

Day Five - Positive Self Talk

Pause for a moment and contemplate how you talk to yourself inwardly. Journal any negative self-talk and then turn it into a positive.

Check out the following Pinterest board HERE for positive power quotes to help you. 

Monday, 5 August 2019

Make Peace with Your Light

At the time of writing it is a waxing crescent moon, said to represent courage, moving forwards and faith. How does this relate to your dreams? Well, the opposite of all these is fear and being stuck in the past. All things that kill our dreams.

Recently I found myself contemplating fear of rejection. How I'm constantly holding myself back creatively because of this fear. Even in circles where I do feel safe and feel I can be myself, I walk away worrying if I'm too much. This can snowball into an avalanche of negative thinking. I then replay things over and over...living in the past. 

I don't really have a solid bedrock (parents/family) to turn to in times where I need reassurance, so I have to rely on adult me. I draw upon the wisdom of experience here and what I would tell others. People balk over so called "self-help" books, but honestly, some of those authors have been my saving grace. There's nothing like someone sharing their own experiences with you and telling you "everything is going to be alright." It doesn't happen often, but sometimes I really lament not being able to pop round a parents house and get a reassuring hug. But I know I'm not alone in this.

Just as this fear really got a hold of me I read something that completely disabled it of its power; 
"Make peace with your own magnificence as you boldly continue through life."
There is so much in that one sentence! Make peace suggests that you struggle with who you are, with characteristics that might scare you. When you allow them to shine, fear steps in telling you that you'll be rejected if you continue to shine in that way. So you try and hold back, making yourself more "acceptable". 



causing admiration esp. because of an unusual quality such as great size or beauty.

If we lean more towards being introvert, or have fears of rejection, anything that brings attention - causing admiration, unusual quality - can make us feel extremely vulnerable. We have an inner urge to be ourselves and to shine, but it can be too risky. If we take that risk we end up paying for it with intense bouts of worry. 

The reason that one sentence spoke to me was because someone else was stating, you are magnificent, we all are, and we need to make peace with this fact, thus giving us permission to shine and be our unique, quirky selves. If we all allowed ourselves to shine, imagine how different the world would be.

It's so incredibly easy to play it safe, and not rock the boat. However, we will have to live with the "what if" regret. Life is a precious gift and we don't want to waste it, hiding our lights.

To realise our dreams takes courage. If it was easy, we'd all be living our dreams right now. But even then, once one dream is realised or goal fulfilled, there will always be another to strive for. And in the pursuit of our dreams we also grow. And that can be very uncomfortable.

So today, embrace your own magnificence! What are those unusual quirks you try and hide? Begin to embrace them. You can be one hundred percent sure that you're not alone in this!

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Day Four - Equip Yourself

For today's prompt ask yourself what would help equip you to achieve your goal or dream. Signing up to a workshop? A teacher? Art supplies? Perhaps joining a group?

The Dream Create Journal group actually has a mentorship scheme. So if you have a skill to share you can offer your services. So you can even check that mentorship scheme to see if you can find a mentor should it help with your goal/dream.

Day Three - Create Your Vision

Today's prompt is to create a vision board of your chosen goal or dream. I have included a couple unlocked video tutorials from my Patreon. You can first create a board on Pinterest to help you, then print off some images from there. It will really help to do this in your journal and keep it close to you for inspiration.

Junk Journal Process Video

I hope you enjoy this video process of a junk journal spread I created. This is an unlocked video from my Patreon where I feature conte...