Monday, 13 April 2020

Synchronicities - How Do I Know If I’m on the Right Path?

If you have questions about the direction of your life and synchronicities, you're in the right place. In fact you could count being here as a synchronicity itself.

December 2019, I published a blog post explaining my phrase of the year for 2020. That phrase being 'Year of Wonders'. In that post I explained;
 My phrase came about in a serendipitous way. I was set on the word "Wonders", anticipating 2020 and beyond being a time of wonders coming to pass in my life. But one day I was in a charity shop looking at books when one caught my eye. The author had the same name as me and I saw the word Wonders. So I pulled it off the shelf to take a look. My heart leaped at what I saw. There and then I knew 2020, and beyond, would be my year of Wonders. So I took a phrase for my "word of the year". 

So the phrase itself was a serendipitous happening. 
To me, serendipitous moments are breadcrumbs. The resonate profoundly deep within and say, 'this is the way'.

And so we entered 2020. In the first couple of months I became acutely aware that I needed to get clear on my dreams. This gave birth to a new planning system, which is still a work in progress. Yet I taught the basic premise at a workshop in Devon.

Then Corona virus happened.

By the end of March I saw a unique opportunity was upon us. It is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities. It gave rise to a sense of urgency. I knew I had to really practice what I believe and preach...something I call Living in Creation. What is more popularly known as Law of Attraction. I also decided to teach this process over on my Patreon in the way it has worked for me. I shared my vision in the following video:

Little did I know what was going to happen!

We Ended up Being On National TV! 

My husband began to make the local news doing Driveway Bingo for our neighbours to bring them together. This Morning picked up the story and wanted to feature us the very next day, speaking to Phil and Holly!!!

This started opening doors and is a story for another day. But it was yet another huge breadcrumb!
A couple of days later, I received a text from someone who doesn't read my posts, watch my channel etc, yet they felt led to ask me about synchronicities...

So much was happening! But this is just the beginning! 

Year of Wonders

I knew that despite the bad happening in the world, this was indeed going to be a year of wonders. I held (and still do) fast to my phrase.

As part of my manifestation routine, I practice meditation every day. It's much like visualization. Most meditations are guided ones by Dr Joe DispenzaI had been seeing the colour Indigo a lot in my meditations and even did a colour exploration on it for Patreon. 

One morning, I woke up with the colour Indigo strongly at the forefront of my mind. So I decided to do a search of it. I could believe what happened next!

I discovered that Isaac Newton not only came up with Indigo as part of the seven colours of his study on the prism, but he did so DURING ISOLATION at the time of the great plague of 1665/66!

This isn't all! There are so many more details that are meaningful for me, but I won't share here. But the biggest thing was this...

I did another search about his time in isolation and the colour Indigo, and what was the first thing to come up?

My heart began to pound. I clicked on the article...

This article was written recently. It explains:
As coronavirus spreads around the globe, most of us are experiencing a new normal, from countries in lockdown to people practicing social distancing. The similarity between the situation Isaac Newton found himself in Cambridge in 1665 and society today is striking.
The story continues...

Breadcrumbs on Your Path

Want to know if you're on the right path? Look for the breadcrumbs. Synchronicities are deeply personal, will resonate with you, but will, for the most part, be meaningless to others. To see the breadcrumbs, however, you need to be ON the path! Get clear on what you want. Be conscious of your day to day life. Don't go through a day unconscious, being pulled along by the currents of everything around you. 

Journal your thoughts and anything that strikes you as a serendipitous. Each one builds a bigger picture, or map if you will. 

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Sunday, 5 April 2020

I Found My Truth Letting Go

There is a place within that no words could ever adequately describe.  To use words such as magical would be lost on many. What is blissful to one is a sinful to another. 

Wonder is often mistaken as crazy.*
*See Alice in Wonderland!

I believed life was magical growing up. I would escape to my garden and lose myself in another world. The garden was huge and we had a miniature "woodland" at the bottom. That was venturing out into the unknown. It was scary. But it held a strange curiosity for me and my siblings.

The one time we dared enter it, holding hands as we walked within it, we saw a bright light appear and fly up. Frozen in fear for a few seconds, we screamed and legged it back up to the house. 

We rarely discuss that day.

I never thought twice about my truth and this world I lived in. I was often mocked by family members who grew up in the tough estates of the north. There was no place for imagination in their world. It was seen as "soft". But it didn't really bother me back then. However,

Over the next few years I lost myself.

Unbeknownst to be, I subconsciously left her behind in a field of gold one day.

I think my higher self hid her in that memory. Like buried treasure waiting for the owner to return. Some never do. As metal detectorists find out (to their delight). 

I lost myself to roles, pleasing others, religious systems, the world. 

The journey back to myself started one day around five years or so ago when I said;


But enough is just one step. It jump starts awakening. It's the start of a journey of undoing and healing. 

So for years, what seems like small steps were actually huge leaps forward. You have to go easy on yourself.

As my true self re-emerged, I started practicing what I now call living in creation. Namely law of attraction and creating a life we love. A few months after a journal challenge I ran in my group, I manifested big dreams! Down to the finest of details. Yet some went beyond what I dreamed. They were bigger!

I fell into ease during this time. Yet I was being challenged. Challenged to dream bigger. To own my truth. You see, there was a part of my truth that if owned openly, I would be rejected by the religious types who I was very close to. *husband

I was scared. This was the biggest leap yet.

I took small steps. Yet they were enough to ignite anger. *He was angry I had crystals and books on the moon phases. He comes from a strict religious background.

Then the Corona virus happened.

The last few days have been ethereal and hazy. But I will do my best to describe what happened...

One night I had a dream.

In it was an old friend. This will be the topic of a separate post. Anyway, I felt this friend needed help. It was a desperate situation.

I woke up contemplating what the dream meant. Every day I meditate as part of my manifestation practice. It's very much like visualizing. But more scientific. See here for that rabbit hole! 

Anyway, this dream opened up something within me. Part of my visualization is about becoming independent, both emotionally and financially. It's about being free. (Isn't that what a desire for wealth always is?)

My visualizations became really powerful. 

They were super charged emotionally. 
*This is important in manifestation work as it's emotion that draws your desires to you. 

After a few days of these turbo charged meditations, I started experiencing serendipitous moments connected to them. Serendipity isn't uncommon to me, but this time an opening up of something within was happening.

Then a song played and the lyrics described what was happening. Intrigued, I looked up the meaning and found the artist wrote about my own experiences.

Look at my two hands Look at theses cracks and the holes I am my savior I found my truth letting go And I’ve never felt so alone In one unending moment I fall within your reach My song a sweet surrender Hold on to me hold on to me In one unending moment We fall into the sea Recall the words I gave to you Hold on to me hold on to me hold on I found my truth letting go Recall the words I gave to you Hold on to me, hold on to me.
The artists says about the song:  

The song also talks about that time when I was dealing with what I believe in, faith-wise. I came from a world of religion and that didn’t end very well.
Over the past few weeks I have truly found myself. Not just that, but that world I inhabited! I am no longer ashamed to share my truth of my wonder filled world. It might not be familiar to some. Like I said, some associate wonder with crazy.

My intuition is super sensitive right now. I feel like I got my super powers back!

In my next post I'll share a card I pulled last night that speaks so powerfully into this. I hope it will speak to you to.

*I'm not sure where the friend I mentioned earlier is. But I have a feeling they need help :-( 

Thursday, 26 March 2020

The Same Sky Daily Journaling and Photo Challenge

One evening, as I was photographing the incredible changing colours of the sky, I was reminded of the idea I had to document gratitude in a way that didn't feel forced. Namely, by way of photography. Most photos we take are taken when we feel inspired by and grateful for the subject matter.This makes gratitude journaling way easier!

Then I thought we could have fun with this idea while we're all in isolation. Either once or twice a day, take a photo of the same patch of sky we can see from our house. Next pick one word that summarizes our day. You can post it on Instagram or print the photo off and stick it in your journal. Here are some more ways you could have fun with this;

  • Use one word that encapsulates what you are grateful for that day.
  • Create a collage of all the photos on your wall to document the days of isolation.
  • Take a photo of both the sunrise and sunset.
  • Use each photo as the header in your daily journaling.
  • See if there's a direct correlation between your emotions and how the sky/weather was that day.
We are all under the same sky, so if we're separated from loved ones we can use this project to bring us closer together. 
Use the hashtags #OneSkyChallenge and #DreamCreateJournal if you post to Instagram. 

You can share your project and photos in the Dream Create Journal Facebook group here:

Feel free to Pin the below image to your Pinterest:

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Happy NOW Year!

As I opened the box, I saw the card inside and read it as 'Happy now year'. Instantly I corrected myself but stopped. 

"Happy NOW year...."

It was one of those moments I intuitively knew that there was a deeper meaning than just misreading a word on a piece of card.

Little did this person know that the real gift lay not in the present, but on the card they wrote on.

I decided to contemplate it for a while. What happened next was like following a piece of string to see where it led, finding bits of clues along the way and piecing them together to form a bigger picture.

The Power of Now

When we hear a word, phrase or saying enough times it can become a cliche. Unless we pay it attention and allow it to become meaningful in our lives. One way this happens is in a moment of inspiration, in other words, a flash of insight.

This grasping of the 'inner nature of things intuitively' is an eye opening experience and can lead to a profound journey of discovery. 

And that's exactly what happened when I opened that box. 

Every year starts with the same greeting...HAPPY NEW YEAR! New...we pin that word before everything we do with the start of another year. New you, new habits, new year resolutions, and so on. 

Our minds switch to a NEW mindset....which rarely lasts more than a few days because old habits die hard.

Every moment can be a new start if we decide it to be. Every morning, every Monday, Every month, usually all hold some form of new beginning. 

But when you think about it all we have is NOW! And in the now, in the present there is power! It is in the now we cultivate new habits, can change our mind, practice mindfulness, make decisions. 

New year resolutions are mostly always based on the future and the past. The future; when we make resolutions we're thinking only of tomorrow. The past; when we're trying to keep up a decision we made in the past. And as time passes, the resolution we made begins to fade into the past and we lose interest. We rarely ever think about the now when it comes to new beginnings.

Now what?

So now what? Without going into everything that I realized as I followed this idea, I suggest a journaling exercise this week...

By your bed write your main goal, resolution or intention you made for the year. Also keep your journal to hand. Each day make a conscious effort to live in the present as much as you can. It is difficult I know. Try not to think about the past or future when it comes to your resolution. Give that resolution, goal or intention the gift of now. Ask yourself how does my resolution apply today? How can I cultivate this habit in this moment in this day? Then at the end of the day journal what you felt, and anything else you learned or that came to mind. 

Observe your day everyday for a week, in the context of your resolution. You may be surprised at what you learn. Even deciding to tweak a few things. 

I have been doing this exercise myself  for a week now and I'm surprised at what has come up.

Old, deeply routed fears that have been ingrained in me since birth. I saw them for the first time for what they were. And I realized that if I wanted to progess any further in my goals, I would have to deal with these.

And that's what it's all about...allowing our resolutions to be so much more than a single change because we decided the new year would be a good time to start. You start every day, moment by moment and constantly learn and grow. Even if your goal is to lose some'll find it's probably going to be more about deeper issues...not just about self-esteem but saying no, living your truth, following your passion, finding a new group of friends...etc etc. 

So happy NOW year! Let's make each moment count! 

If you're a member of my Patreon, there's a post revealing what happened next!

Sunday, 5 January 2020

New Year, True You

The other day I was reflecting on the saying, 'New Year, New You', and it occurred to me. What does 'New You' mean exactly? This was when I had something of a revelation. 

We are all made up of the beliefs and teachings we've been brought up. Even through adulthood as we watch the news, are influenced by social media, our culture and the system. We then act accordingly. Rarely do people question anything they read...nowhere is this seen more than on Facebook posts where something relevant to 2017 is posted three years later because people don't double check the facts. 

When we use the term 'New You', it is usually used in the context of the new year when people want to drop bad habits or learn to start setting boundaries.

But I would argue, and this is where I had my revelation, that really it's never about 'becoming new'. Our true and best version of ourselves is always there. Your higher self is with you always. But we are mostly operating not from that place, but through the beliefs we adopt, lies we believe, limiting beliefs we hold, the system we live in and so on.

In order to live up to our fullest potential we will need to do a lot of unlearning, dropping many of these layers we've formed over the years which are hiding who we really are. 

So here's a thought, instead of new year, new you, what about New Year, True You?! Instead of dropping bad habits to adopt new ones, how about we start unlearning and letting go of limiting beliefs, stop worrying what people think of us and embrace your quirks.

Our gifts are mostly hidden because of these layers we have. But these layers make us feel safe and so we hold onto them. It feels safer to drop a bad habit or two than it does letting go of limiting beliefs and questioning the system we live in. That would require a certain amount of vulnerability. 

We all have everything we need within us. Science is making great leaps of discovery in this area. The law of attraction may sound like some new age fad, but there is a lot of truth to be found in it. It's not about positive thinking but so much more. In fact it has a lot to do with believing in yourself and embodying your true, higher self. 

I like the analogy of the phoenix in this respect. It dies and rises from the ashes to live again. I think this is something we need to do, the ashes being all the limiting, false beliefs we have. 

But in order to live our truth we must first dare...dare to believe in ourselves and in the potential within us just waiting to be tapped into. 

So rather than repeating the mantra New Year, New You, what if you replaced it with New Year, True You!? That would certainly make for an interesting year indeed!

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

My Phrase of The Year - Year of Wonders

There comes a time when you just have to go against the norm and embrace the unknown in order to see your dreams come true. It means a great deal of discomfort, but when you know what that discomfort is about and that it is nothing bad, then it becomes bearable. 

This year brought a lot of change for me. I learned to start saying no and even though it cost me relationships, it brought new ones. Ones that lined up with where I want to go and my truth.

In 2018 many of the things I was believing for, big things, came to pass. I was thrust into this open space for my soul to breath and opportunities came flooding in. Within a year I experienced even more of my dreams come to pass.

Yet I found that the lack of pressure from difficult circumstances made me idle when it came to dreaming even bigger. 

I settled.

As soon as I became aware of this and started to really think about what was next for me, I knew it had to do with my truth. This is when I started to set boundaries and use the word "no" in order to strive to live my truth.

Possibilities & Wonders

It soon became clear that my truth involved something far bigger than I had anticipated. That I would have to move outside the comforts of the proverbial box to a place so vast it would require a decision to much like Neo's in the movie The Matrix. Sounds corny, but for those who have been there, you know what I'm talking about and appreciate the analogy.

There is no going back.

So I made the decision to leave the box. 

Now I'm in unknown territory. But this is a very good place to be because this is where the field of potentiality is. A place where anything is possible.

At this rate you may wonder what the hell I'm talking about. But stay with me. 

When you're in the unknown you are in a place of searching and finding your way. This is crucial to living your truth. In the words of Nancy Hillis, the unknown is "alive and mysterious". It's a place of growth. 

You see the system we live by today pretty much controls how we live and think. How we do things. It leaves no space for miracles, possibilities or wonders. It cultivates a certain pessimistic outlook.  

But when we embrace the idea of a new reality, one in which your wildest dreams are possible, you go against the majority and many will not understand. Yet some will be inspired and encouraged to follow. 

And this is how my phrase for the year was born. Actually, that's not strictly true. My phrase came about in a serendipitous way. I was set on the word "Wonders", anticipating 2020 and beyond being a time of wonders coming to pass in my life. But one day I was in a charity shop looking at books when one caught my eye. The author had the same name as me and I saw the word Wonders. So I pulled it off the shelf to take a look. My heart leaped at what I saw.

There and then I knew 2020, and beyond, would be my year of Wonders. So I took a phrase for my "word of the year". 

Join Me!

Now I plan to share my journey. Here on my blog and other social media platforms. Even more intimately however, on my Patreon where I will create content to help you cultivate a life of wonder and possibilities.

So what is your word for 2020? Do you have any goals or dreams you would like to see come to fruition? Do you wish to dream even bigger but never thought it possible? Let me know in the comments below! 

Here's to a magical new year filled with wonders! 

Monday, 23 December 2019

A Leap Into The Unknown To Find The Magic

Do you ever find yourself craving for something different? Everyone seems to be doing the same thing and no matter where you go to find inspiration it seems to be lacking.

This could be in all areas of life.

This year I have found myself in something of a paradox. I want to grow as an artist and as a person. I want to learn and express my truth in my art. But in order to do that I have to let go of everything I think I know. 

To create the new I have to uncreate the old.

To find what it is I'm looking for I have to leap into the unknown. 

This is all well and good, exciting even...but what about when you're in a position of inspiring others? What do you say or do? How do you let them know? 

"Oh hey, buckle up because I can't prepare you for what lies ahead. You're either going to love the ride or want to jump off part way."

Time To Trust My Higher Self

These past few months have mostly been about saying "No" and letting go. Stripping myself in the kindest way possible of people pleasing. It wasn't easy. People were offended and felt rejected. That was never my intention. My intention was to put myself first for a change.

Self-care quotes may be all the rage at the moment, but when it comes to truly implementing it in your own life, suddenly friends who are known to be riding that wave of posting positive quotes on all their social media, take offence to you actually taking it seriously for yourself.

Don't be put off. Keep going, the rewards to your inner life are extraordinary!

Leaping Into The Unknown!

I didn't realize it at the time but the landscape of my life was being cleared for something new. 

But now I was being prompted to do something even more uncomfortable...

Let go of all I thought I knew.

In art that means all those lessons you took part in online. The books you read, YouTube tutorials, etc. 

Come back to yourself as a child.

Start a fresh with a blank canvas.

Embrace scribbles, marks, chaos AND simplicity.

Something New

This is where new ideas are formed and birthed. 

I have had ideas for my videos specifically, but have always felt so overwhelmed. Both by perfectionism and people pleasing. With both those things out of the way and replaced with an attitude of experimentation and exploration, those ideas now have the space to develop and grow.

This is where you bring the new and exciting into the word.

This is what it means to create.

Often we copy....

We do this in our own way of course but there is always a sameness at the end of the day. That inspirational something. 

A uniqueness. 

Fresh from the source.

My word for 2020 is in fact three;

Year of Wonders.

It is my goal to leave the past behind and embrace wholeheartedly wonders for my life that I could not have discovered while trying to be someone I'm not. 

Only when you embrace your truth do you embrace the wonders that lie ahead for you. 

The magic really is in the unknown. But are you willing to embrace the unknown to find it?

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