Tuesday, 30 July 2019

The Dream Create Journal Challenge

"Set your goal & achieve it with this journal challenge!" 

So in a couple of days we will be starting a new journal challenge! As with all of these challenges, I create them with a specific goal in mind. Namely to create a life you love. Each day there will be a prompt. Not all of them have to be journaled. In fact, some require a bit of self-care.

What You Will Need:

  • A journal - Any will do. Be as creative as you like. It's very important that you tailor this to suit your preferences!
  • Time - Make sure you set aside a little time each day to complete the prompts.
  • A goal - You will need to pick a specific goal before you embark on this challenge.
  • Images - Choose and print images related to your goal.

As I wrote the prompts to this challenge, something very interesting happened. The prompts only inspired me when I chose a goal that got me excited. My original goal, although it is one I am still reaching for, almost jarred with the prompts. I questioned why this was and almost re-wrote the whole challenge. However, when I changed my goal, the prompts suddenly came alive!
When you imagine creating a vision board on one goal/dream, which one excites you the most? That's how you know which one to go for.
Finally, it is crucial that you tailor this challenge to suit you. We all have different beliefs, tastes, hobbies, etc. Never compare what you're doing to what someone else is doing. Also, know that you may change the prompts at any time if you struggle on one, or if it helps to fit in with your beliefs or routine. 

Please do share your journals and how you're getting on, in the Dream Create Journal group, which can be found HERE.
If you have any questions, pop them in the group and I will answer them ASAP. 

Geraldine Xx

Friday, 5 July 2019

The Art of Allowing

The Art of Allowing is the art of no longer resisting well-being in your life. Well-being comes from self-care. Yet to go even deeper, self-care comes from a place of knowing your worth. 
You see, the opposite of allowing is resistance. We very often resist our own well-being in favor of putting others first. This is because we, subconsciously, do not value our own worth enough to put ourselves first.  

Once we deal with our worth and discover our own power, we begin to value ourselves more and take action! You then begin to pour out from that place of power. Taking small steps every day, to your own well-being, will result in a radical life change. 

I appreciate many do not like change, however, you can implement as much or as little change as you feel comfortable. And as uncomfortable as change can be, in the context of allowing, it will always be positive change. 

An example of what this looks like can be as simple as putting ourselves in the driver's seat of our thoughts. You’re lying in bed and your mind begins to go through the day's events. Anxiety results as you worry about what others may think with regards to something that happened that day. Or you may regret a choice you made. Here are two different scenarios; 

  • Negative thoughts begin to spiral, resulting in panic, fear, anxiety etc. You wake up tired and those worries come flooding back. You are not in control. This will affect the days decisions and you will more likely react to things as opposed to acting from a place of power. 
  • Negative thoughts appear. You listen to them without judgement. Then, confident and self-assured in your self-worth, you proceed to rise up in your power and allow for grace and positivity. There are solutions and you resolve to implement them step by step. 

You might not recognize it, but the second scenario is in fact part of self-care. I think of it as adult me looking after my inner child. Very often we’re only familiar with our inner child and she can get very scared and lonely at times. 
In order to allow, we need to start putting ourselves first. Love and nurture yourself.  

Another aspect I need to touch on is hope and expectation. We’re so used to believing the worst, or feeling a sense of dread. But what if we switched gears and started not only believing, but expecting good things to flow to you. This is the ultimate state of allowing.  

So, you can see there are levels in the art of allowing; 
  • Love yourself 
  • See your self-worth 
  • Rise up in your power 
  • Expect good things to flow to you 
As you grow in this self-knowledge, so you will grow in your ability to implement self-care in your life. 

Exercise: Power Cards 

This is a journey of many little steps. Today we’re going to lay some groundwork towards this journey, should you choose to take it up, if you’re not already. If you’re already well on your way in this area, this exercise will give you a boost as it does for me.  
First, ask yourself which area in your life do you feel you need to empower.  
For me, recently, it has been my schedule and focus. Losing sight of these has had negative repercussions.  
Next, come up with a mission/vision statement or intention. For me it would be something like this: 

“I find organizing easy and simple. My life runs smoothly according to schedule yet I am open to spontaneity without losing my focus of the bigger picture.” 

Positive Creative Energy 

Where do we have access to creative energy? ColourColour is a very powerful yet simple way to infuse our thoughts with energy.  
  • Red: A fantastic colour to promote inner strength and self-confidence! It’s a strong colour and although linked to warnings, it’s not negative. It’s such a powerfully energetic colour. You could also use it to promote self-love. 
  • Yellow: Not as bold as red, yellow is another colour that helps improve self-confidence and self-esteem. It represents creativity, warmth and happiness. 
  • Orange: A mood lifting colour! It has the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. 
  • Purple: Calming while energizing. This is a great colour to promote wisdom, extravagance, and self-worth. 
  • Pink: Universal love at its highest level. It promotes compassion, kindness and cooperation and encourages a sense of self-respect and contentment in those who use it. Pink brings me hope and an expectation of good. 
  • Blue: This is a good colour to promote faith, trust and peace. It’s a cool yet calming colour 
  • Green: Represents growth and renewal. Also another colour for abundance. A great colour for hope. 

Now take your piece of card and apply your colours of choice. You can create shapes or simply, and most effectively, blobs of colour. Once your card has dried, proceed to write on it your intention or vision statement. Then carry this card around with you, making sure you pull it out and give it a moment of your focus and attention. 

Each time you feel you need that extra energizing kick start to something, get out your paints and create another card.  

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